African Animals for Parcines

We heard lots of interesting facts about African animals.



MS Partschins

On Friday, 03/08/2024 my class, class 3A, went to Merano by bus to take part in a presentation about South Africa and its animals.

The performance was at the FOS, a technical high school. In a large auditorium, the FOS English teacher told us some very interesting facts about South Africa, her hometown. Did you know that the roar of a lion could be heard from Meran to Parcines? Or that leopards are totally shy animals? After about an hour and a half the lecture was over and we drove home.

It was very interesting and instructive.

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Projekt zur Förderung der Fahrradmobilität und Verkehrssicherheit


Sport, Schweiß und Spaß

Der Leichtahtletiktag der MS Partschins fand heute bei strahlendem Kaiserwetter auf der Sportanlage "Spotti" in Partschins statt.